Roll With It…

September 19, 2013 at 3:53 pm

Close-up Of Legs With Roller SkatesWhile cruising around Druid Hill Park in my new roller skates a sense of joy and freedom washes over me.  I had been talking about getting roller skates for almost two years before I finally took the leap on and purchased the skates, helmet and wrist guards to boot! Once adorned in my “roller regalia” I celebrated achieving my goal of finding a way to move and exercise that also nourished my spirit. Now rolling around the reservoir symbolizes an act of self-care that is occasionally sprinkled with bumps in the road or obstacles to navigate around, but ultimately lead me back to knowing myself more deeply and compassionately.

So often with health goals, it takes time to consider the idea of feeling better before taking the action steps necessary to reach that place of healing. And when you approach an unexpected curve in the path that steers you off course, how do you roll with it?  Stress arises when we desire an outcome or reaction that is different that the reality we are experiencing. Moving through stress with grace and ease takes practice and often requires a certain degree of letting go, forgiveness and acceptance. Once we accept the rest of the world and ourselves as we are, the ride becomes much smoother.

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