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Over the last few weeks I have found myself using the phrase – “I’m in the Weeds” – quite often while juggling the transition with a new office assistant at Seeds, planning the next steps for our Maryland naturopathic licensure efforts, and on top of that a wedding!  All very exciting tugs and pulls on my attention and at the same time, a bit overwhelmingAs the school year nears and the preparations for a shift in schedule loom in the near future, you may also find yourself navigating the transitions of late Summer wishing you had more time or more hands for juggling!

Since Nature tends to be our greatest teacher, I started paying attention to the weeds which I felt like I was figuratively wading through. Rather than seeing them as a pesky nuisance, I saw them as the strong, robust and vital plants that they are! Weeds perceive a piece of concrete not as an obstacle, but as an opportunity for new growth. In the face of pollution and chaos, they produce protective phytochemicals which actually make their medicinal properties stronger. And while they may not always be pretty to look at, we need weeds as a reminder that Nature is persistent and will always try to find a way to express Vitality, even when we place concrete in its path. The same is true for your own Healing Nature – you embody a persistent Vitality that longs for Balance and Wellness.

After reading this, I hope you think twice when you are pulling the weeds in your garden and maybe leave one token dandelion in your yard as a reminder of the Balance of Nature.

Special Thanks to the Dandelion and Plantain plants who inspired this piece.

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