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April 14, 2010 at 3:09 am

Nearly ten years ago, my journey towards becoming a naturopathic physician was just beginning. A large leap of faith had landed me amongst over 100 1st year ND students crowded into an auditorium at Bastyr University in Seattle, Washington for orientation. Hints and highlights about what to expect for the next four years of our lives gradually unfolded with each speaker who stood before us – everything from tips on how to protect our livers from the formaldehyde in the gross anatomy lab to reminders that arriving to Bastyr at all reflects a deeper calling towards becoming a healer. But what still stands out most to me from those few days of absorbing all that this new world of natural healing and learning had to offer was my first introduction to homeopathy from Dr. Ellen Goldman. At that time Dr. Goldman was the head of the Homeopathy Department at Bastyr, and when she stood before my class with her true passion and love for this modality echoing through words, I knew that when I “grew up,” I wanted to practice homeopathy. I wanted to listen deeply to a patient’s story and have a place to understand why the patient stuck his feet out of the covers at night or craved bacon. I wanted to be able to address fears of thunderstorms and chronic respiratory illnesses all with the same medicine. At that moment, I became inspired.

Before I was able to take any of Dr. Goldman’s classes, she retired from her position at Bastyr and moved to Florida. I still remembered how she lit that spark in my soul for homeopathy and often shared the story when patients asked me how I came to study and practice this form of medicine. Much to my surprise and joy, I recently saw Dr. Goldman at the National Center for Homeopathy Conference in Alexandria, VA this past weekend. I was so excited to share with her what a gift she had given me without even knowing it nearly ten years ago. She, too, found joy in this story as many of us would in learning about a seed we’ve planted that later comes to full bloom. I’ve been blessed with many mentors who continue to guide and shape my experience as a healer. My hope is that my patients will be the ones who most benefit from this circle of learning and teaching, mentorship and inspiration.

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