Reclaiming Wellness: Jim’s Story

June 8, 2009 at 6:58 pm

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When Jim first came to see me a year ago to redeem his gift certificate for a one hour massage, neither of us had any idea of the healing and transformation that we would witness together during the months to come. At that time, Jim’s doctor had recommended shoulder replacement surgery to ease the suffering of his chronic pain as a result of rheumatoid arthritis. As he describes, “In May 2008, I was in crisis. The pain overpowered my barrage of analgesics. I could not sleep. I could not think. Every moment was unbearable….But pity the pain that meets Dr. Emily, for its time has come.”

Jim’s pain was so severe when he first arrived in my office that he could barely move his right arm twenty degrees from his side. After just several massage sessions, his range of motion drastically improved and now he can reach up to touch the ceiling in the shower!  Not only has Jim incorporated almost weekly massage sessions as part of his wellness plan, he has also made adjustments in his diet and shifted to a more positive state of mind for viewing the world and the challenges it presents.

Jim wants his story to be shared so that others may benefit from his transformation.

“I am very grateful I found this source of wellness. Slowly, I am able to turn away from embracing my illness to embracing my Wellness. I have adjusted my budget to assure this is part of my life.”

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