The Healing Power of Weeds

April 20, 2009 at 3:31 pm

You may want to think twice as you find yourself wrestling with the weeds cropping up in your garden this spring. In an effort to maintain aesthetics, you may be tossing valuable natural remedies in to the compost bin. Mother Nature has a way of surrounding us with medicinal plants even in urban settings. Weeds are persistant by nature and can grow under conditions of immense stress which gives testiment to the highly protective nutrients and antioxidants that they often possess. Here are a few “medicinal weeds” you may find growing in your own backyard:


Dandelion: Save money on toxic weed killers which will cause harm to your liver and instead dine on dandelions which protect your liver cells from free radical damage! Dandelion leaves add a bitter quality to salads which stimulates healthy digestion. Dandelion greens also have historic use as a mild diuretic for lowering blood pressure and the roots are often found in liver tonic formulas.


chickweedChickweed: Creeping along close to the ground, this plant is another great addition to your salad bowl as it was used as a nutritious food by populations in Southeast Spain. Chickweed is often used in anti-itch formulas for treating eczema and other skin eruptions. Create a chickweed poultice by soaking the weed in hot water briefly, then removing it to apply to the affected area of skin once partially cooled.


plantainPlantain: Usually found in the cracks of sidewalks and in park lawns, plantain has a broad flat leaf with a thin spoke-like flower rising from the center. Plantain is a great first-aid remedy for insect bites and stings. Just chew up a piece of the leaf and then apply directly over the inflamed area or chop up several leaves, soak in hot water and then apply to the skin.

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