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November 3, 2008 at 4:37 pm

As the season of holiday festivities draws closer, it is easy to let our attention drift away from personal health and wellness and towards over-indulgence, long to-do lists, and stress over material items. Fall and Winter, by their nature, give us permission to retreat and relax. The shorter days and longer nights encourage rest and stillness both physically and mentally. 

Colds, Flus and Sinus Infections take advantage of our frenzied states forcing us to rest one way or another. Practice preventative medicine this cold & flu season by enjoying the holidays differently with a slower pace, shorter lists and more presence for the people you love most. Cutting back on sugar and staying well hydrated will lift additional stress on your body this winter. Also, keep your health a priority by following up regularly with your practitioners and prioritizing time for therapies that balance your response to stress such as massage, cranio-sacral therapy or acupuncture. 

The Holistic Detox Series was such a success last month that I will be offering the class again in January 2009 at Seeds in Hampden.  Stay tuned for more details regarding dates and costs.  This would make a wonderful holiday wellness gift for yourself or someone you love!

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