The Art of Healing

July 28, 2008 at 1:27 am

I grew up as a dancer.  From the moment I learned to shuffle-ball-change in my first pair of tap shoes, my mother had to learn to live with fifteen years worth of scuff marks on the hardwood floors.  While I may not have fulfilled my kindergarten dream of becoming a professional ballerina, I still find that most of my days are spent engaged in another genre of Dance – one that changes in rhythm and intensity with age, stress, tension and release.  This is the Dance of Healing.  Healing is an art as old as humankind and even though the levels of sophistication in medicine continue to grow in directions of precision and standardization, the true art of healing is simple, personal and somewhat mysterious.

When patients come to see me, they often have complex health histories and symptom pictures that may or may not have responded well to traditional therapies.  Most patients have already participated in the erratic dance of bouncing from one specialist to another hoping that someone will find the answer for their pain.  Amidst the chaos and uncertainties, what most patients simply want is someone to listen to their story.  For the first hour of our initial visit, I let the patient direct the dance, letting his or her true essence flow out in the form of story.  From there, we begin discussing simple therapies to promote healing and wellness: drink water, rest, breathe, move, eat healthy foods.  Simplicity invites more room for connection with nature and inner balance.  Being reminded of this capacity for inner wholeness even when surrounded by chaos is part of the healing dance.

( Excerpt from the Mill Valley Cultural Arts Umbrella Magazine May 2008 )

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